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Best stocks and pennystocks to buy Jumpystocks.com is a financial blog devoted to the best stocks and pennystocks to buy for North American markets. We provide watch list using technical analysis. We continually research for the best stocks. Why focus also on jumping penny stocks? Because most of the time penny stocks and smallcaps are neglected by Wallstreet and bankers. Pennystocks are trading at bargain levels and some titles can soar quickly. Every week we can see penny stocks that double or triple in value. Follow our technical chart analysis on MarketWatch blog or WatchList blog.

Search for best stocks to buy and sell

Search for best stocks to buy and sell at Jumpy Stocks We search for best stocks to buy and sell that are about to soar or dive. Our tools scan for technicals patterns on bouncy stocks that are moving abnormally high or low. A lot of smallcaps are undervalued, WallStreet prefer to ignore stocks with boring value. This is a good spot to be.

Find the best stocks now

Find hot stocks picks and pennystocks picks JumpyStocks.com team is working to find the best stocks now!. As traders and analysts for years, we know which indicators and how use these for having the best triggers. That’s why we’ve been able to pick some of the stocks’s biggest winners. We’re not associated with any Pump & Dump stocks website.

Technical analysis of stocks charts

Technical analysis of stocks charts JumpyStocks.com using technical analysis of stocks charts to make sure it can be hot stocks picks for investors before adding to ours WatchLists. Using charts, JumpyStocks technical analysts seek to identify price patterns and market trends in financial markets. Exploit those patterns is the key for best strategies. Feel free to add comments to our analysis.

Top stocks picks to watch – WatchLists

Stocks WatchLists at Jumpy Stocks JumpyStocks.com add penny stocks, smallcaps, microcaps and top stocks picks on Stocks WatchLists. With help of experienced technical analysts, we enrich our stocks watchlists every day. These lists can be useful for short-term traders and long-term investors, before a buy-sell, short-cover strategies.

MarketWatch – Stock market analysis

MarketWatch at Jumpy Stocks MarketWatch section is reserve for stock market analysis and we focus mainly North American index (Canada and United States). It’s important to see where markets are before invest in some securities. Investors and traders use technical indicator to predict the direction of future prices. We also use some breadth indicator to help make decision. Index like Bullish Percent Index are really useful.


MadBanks at Jumpy Stocks JumpyStocks is proud to present our humor section: MadBanks. There is no better cure for a bad mood than laughter. On Madbanks, we love to laugh about banks and economy. Each week, our cartoonist post his new joke. Think about mad banks, mortgage fraud, risky investing, excessive executive bonus, fiscal cliff, unlimited bailout, … Visitors can leave a reply about ours cartoons.

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Responsive website at Jumpy Stocks JumpyStocks is a responsive website. Our website is optimized for all platforms: mobile, tablet, portable and desktop. Instead of designing for a specific device, like a mobile, we design one site that adapts or responds to whatever device is accessing our website. You’ll love browsing our website with your mobile.

Technical Analysis for Beginners

Technical Analysis for Beginners

Technical Analysis for Beginners

Beginners or dummies can learn technical analysis through a simpler language.
Avoid the traps set up by the markets that master the technical indicators, the trends, the resistance and support, the divergences, the upward and downward patterns, as well as the candlesticks. This ebook includes more than 100 colored figures that will help you understand investments visually.


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